Thursday, June 11, 2015

A whale called Nele

Today we encountered a familiar group of sperm whales. In the beginning they were not showing us their tails, which makes it difficult for us to recognise the individuals because we identify them primarily by the unique marks they have on their flukes (tails). After some patience our clients aboard the catamaran had one last encounter with an adult female who did show us her tail. Our biologists instantly recognised it as a familiar fluke from our catalogue and it turns out it is a whale called Nele (named by a client called Helmut who encountered this whale with us last year and shared his photos with us). We first encountered Nele here in São Miguel in June 2011 and since then we have encountered her 7 more times.

We also had some nice dolphin encounters today. Common dolphins were spread out everywhere in a large area and there was also a group of bottlenose dolphins close to shore. There were at least 2 newborn calves in the bottlenose dolphin group and they were curiously swimming near the bow of our catamaran.

Photos from this morning:

Two sperm whales who never showed us their tails

A sperm whale called Nele at the surface

Nele going down on a deep dive

Bottlenose dolphin calf between two adults

Bottlenose dolphins - baby face peeking out behind its mother

Two of our boats out on the water

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