Monday, June 22, 2015

Fin, sei, sperm whales and dolphins

Today in the morning we started going towards an area of sperm whales (the family of Elsemiek and Peregrine) where there also was a fin whales but from our catamaran we found a sei whale so we stopped and watched it before going to the sperm whales. So our zodiac had an encounter with a fin whale, plus the sperm whales, while the catamaran saw a sei whale plus sperm whales, and we ended the tour with common dolphins. In the afternoon we searched a long time for the sperm whales but unfortunately we never found them. Instead we watched a group of bottlenose dolphins playing around and giving us an amazing show with high jumps and tailslapping. 

Photos from the morning:

Sei whale

Sei whale

Sei whale

Lobtailing sperm whale, this individual is called "Peregrine"
You might have seen one of the whales with some white markings on its back - its this one!

Three sperm whales logging (the one with white marks is Peregrine)

Curious sperm whale

Sperm whale looking at our zodiac

Photos from the afternoon:

Tailslapping bottlenose dolphin

This time "belly up"

One landing and one jumping

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