Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Memories to keep forever

Today we had a busy day on the ocean with six different species. We started with some crazy striped dolphins, a group of about 100 strong, jumping as they normally do giving us a show to remember. After this we had another encounter that will stay with us in our hearts forever - three curious fin whales swimming around our boats looking at us. As we were leaving the fin whales a sperm whale breached a few hundred meters away from us. Sperm whales breach or jump for several reasons: it's a way for them to communicate to each other as the splash can be heard over long distance. They can also breach to get rid of parasites or old skin, or just for fun! The whale breaching today was "Elsemiek". And it felt like she was telling us "Here I am, come and say hello"! And we also passed both common dolphins and bottlenose dolphins out there on the big blue. 

In the afternoon we added our sixth species of the day to the list: Atlantic spotted dolphins! It was our first encounter with this warm water species this year. But first, before this dolphin encounter we came across two sperm whales, the second of which was Elsemiek again. Both sperm whales showed us their tails, giving us some really nice encounters. Between the two sperm whale encounters we also had a brief encounter with some striped dolphins. However, the highlight for many of ous on the afternoon tour was an encounter with three fin whales, probably the same ones from the morning. This time they were even more curious, sorounding us from both sides and even popping up behind us and diving underneath our boat. It was a truley magic moment. On our way back we also spotted some common dolphins leaping around.

To see a short video of the fin whales from the afternoon tour click HERE.

Photos from the morning:

Striped dolphin

Striped dolphins and one of our zodiacs

Fin whale

Fin whale

Sperm whale "Elsemiek"

Sperm whale "Elsemiek" diving

Photos from the afternoon:

The first sperm whale of the afternoon

 A brief encounter with striped dolphins

The second whale of the afternoon - an individual we call Elsemiek

One of our zodiacs out on the water

One of the 3 fin whales

A very curious fin whale coming to our boat

Atlantic spotted dolphins - adult and juvenile

Atlantic spotted dolphins


Gavin Hageman said...

Wow, what today I really wish I was there again.

Gavin Hageman said...

wow what a day!

Ulrike Michel said...

Thanks to Miranda for all the explanations and the beautiful photos, it was a wonderful day!

Ulrike Michel said...

We took part at the 6/24 afternoon tour. It was great! Thanks to Miranda for all the informations and the beautiful photos!

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