Saturday, June 20, 2015

Socialising sperm whales and 4 other cetacean species

Today we encountered a grand total of 5 different cetacean species:

In the morning we encountered our resident bottlenose dolphins and common dolphins. We saw many baby dolphins, as we have been almost every day during the past weeks. All our passengers were delighted to observe the playful dolphins darting around our boats, especially in front of our catamaran. We also encountered a group of pilot whales in the morning. This is a migratory species that we see on and off during the spring to early summer. It was really nice to see some really big males in this group.

In the afternoon we started off with an encounter with common dolphins again. We enjoyed their company for a bit, again with some tiny babies in the group. After we set out further offshore in search of something else. We came across an active group of striped dolphins leaping out of the water, although we didn't spend much time with them because almost as soon as we arrived our lookout spotted the blows of some sperm whales nearby. There were at least 5 sperm whales in a relatively small area. We had a really beautiful encounter with 4 of them together at the surface. The 4 adult females were socialising, rolling around at the surface and always in close body contact with each other. Several times we got to see their heads, including their lower jaws, their tails and pectoral fins. A few times they also passed close between our boats, not seeming to mind our presence as they continued their socialising right next to us.

To see a short video of the socialising sperm whales from the afternoon tour click HERE.

Photos from the morning:

Pilot whale

Pilot whales 

Bottlenose dolphins - mother and calf

Swimming with bottlenose dolphins

Watching bottlenose dolphins from our catamaran

Photos from the afternoon:

Striped dolphins "running" in a silver sea

Striped dolphins

Sperm whale tail

Two curious sperm whale approaching us

Sperm whales socialising (a head in the foreground and a tail in the background)

One is turning on her side...

...and showed us her belly!

The mouth of a sperm whale

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