Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Sperm whales, pilot whales and dolphins

Today we started with a sea so calm that it felt like we were flying across the ocean. We encountered a very social sperm whale family. We never got to see any flukes as they were not doing feeding dives, only being social. We also encountered common dolphins and playful bottlenose dolphins and in both groups we had some old friends. Among the common dolphins we saw Victor, a dolphin with a flopped dorsal fin. And among the bottlenose dolphin we saw Broken Jaw, and s/he still looks really healthy and fat. Plus a hammerhead shark. In the afternoon we started with a large group of pilot whales with lots of young calves. Later we got to see a sperm whale breach twice. We stayed a long time enjoying these whales before we got a fluke saying "bye" to us and we continued. Around the whales we also had common dolphins and a loggerhead turtle.

Photos from the morning:

Fluke from the morning (far away)

Sperm whale logging

Watching a sperm whale from our catamaran

Sperm whale adult and calf pair

Bottlenose dolphins

"Broken Jaw"

Our zodiac boat with an active group of common dolphins

Our zodiac boat out on the water

Photos from the afternoon:

 Sara cleaning the ocean

Pilot whale mother and calf pair

Sperm whale fluking

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