Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Teeth and baleen

This morning we had to go far to encounter a sperm whale family but it sure was worth the long trip to get tail after tail after tail from these giant toothed whales (the largest toothed in the world). After the sperm whales we found six sei whales, the third largest animal in the world (one size larger then the sperm whale) and they were super curious and at one point we didn't really know what was going on underwater and one whale turned up-side-down and all of a sudden another one was above (it could have been play, or it could been mating - see photo below). As we were already late it looked as we were not going to see any dolphins but our common dolphins were just outside the marina and ready to play with us. In the afternoon we re-encountered the sei whales and once again it was amazing to see them play around. Crossing right in front of us and surfacing so that we could see their eyes. Human-watching in process! And the dolphins ended our tour with lots of play and jumping, but this time bottlenose dolphins.

Photos from the morning:

One of many flukes today

The single blowhole of the sperm whale (toothed whale)

Another fluke and Santa Maria in the background

The two blowholes of a sei whale (baleen whale)

A sei whale on top of another sei whale which is up-side-down (light blue shadow)

Photos from the afternoon:

One fo the sei whales surfacing

Whale watching from aboard our catamaran

Friendly bottlenose dolphins

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