Friday, June 5, 2015

Three species of whales around

Today we had a beautiful summer's day out on the ocean. Three different boats went out in the morning to see whales and dolphins in their natural environment. A few minutes after leaving the marina we encountered a small group of common dolphins, but we had not much time to be with them because the lookout had already seen the sperm whales. When we first arrived to the area no whales came to the surface. We waited a little bit, but we left the area to see one of the baleen whale species, which turned out to be sei whales. They were juvelines, and they were almost all the time diving. After a while, the looktout spotted sperm whales so we changed the area to be with them. At first we had only calves, but a mother sperm whale appeared a little bit later. The catamaran crew also briefly spotted a fin whale, the second largest animal in the world.

In the afternoon we spent time with three fin whales. We started with one that didn't spend much time at the surface, so we moved to another area of two fin whales and soon a group of common dolphins came to join us and the whales (to do some whale watching). Just leaving the whales we ended with one lonely bottlenose dolphin but later on we encountered a group of bottlenose dolphins and later also more common dolphins. In these groups there were some newborn calves, so young that the dorsal fin were still soft. What a blessing today, some of the largest animals in the world plus some of the smallest cetaceans (the newborn ones).

Photos from the morning:

Sei whale

Sperm whale

Sperm whale on its side (half fluke sticking up)

Sperm whale fluke

Mother and baby common dolphin

Common dolphin

Common dolphin calf

Common dolphin calf

Common dolphin and Cory's shearwaters feeding together

Feeding frenzy

Photos form the afternoon:

One of three fin whales

Fin whale surfacing

Bottlenose dolphins

Watching common dolphins from the zodiac boat

Watching bottlenose dolphins from the zodiac boat

Watching dolphins from our boat "Song of Whales"

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