Thursday, June 18, 2015

Two families of sperm whales

This morning we started the tour with calm sea and blue sky, seems that summer is coming to São Miguel! Following the instructions of the look-out we head to the east to encounter a family of sperm whales. When we first arrived the animals were doing shallow dives so it was complicated to see them well, but that's nature! With some patience sometimes it works and we finally saw the sperm whales really calm and showing the tail before a dive! Perfect photo moment! In our way back we came across several loggerhead turtles. It's amazing to see them, they are coming from so far away!  We had a very curious calf swimming right in front of us like it wanted to see and touch the boat. We were lucky enough to see a nice group of common dolphins bow-riding with our boats and we could even hear them whistling.

In the afternoon we encountered another sperm whale family, and how do we know? First we went to a completely different area and secondly we can recognise them by marking and spots on their bodies. This was a well-known group of "Orca", "Bear Paw" and "Left Tip" and we had almost the entire family on the surface all the time, socializing so we got no tails but we had "Orca" really close to us and really curious, just like the calf in the morning. On the way back we got both common and bottlenose dolphins.

Photos from the morning:

One fluke

Another fluke

Sperm whale, mother with baby

Curious sperm whale calf

Common dolphins, mother with baby

Photos from the afternoon:

The sperm whale "Orca"

The sperm whale "Orca"

Four sperm whale together

Watching common dolphins

Common dolphins

Common dolphin

Bottlenose dolphin

Bottlenose dolphin

Bottlenose dolphin

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