Monday, July 6, 2015

4 fine fin whales and bottlenose dolphins nearby

This afternoon the drizzle from the morning cleared to reveal the sun to us and whales to our lookouts. Our lookouts on land spotted the blows of some baleen whales, so we headed out to see what it was, passing by some common dolphins, but continuing our journey out to find the whales. It wasn't long before we spotted a blow from aboard our catamaran. It was a fin whale, and this whale was not alone. We quickly realised there was a second one, then after a few minutes we realised there was another...and another. We encountered a total of 4 very big adult fin whales travelling together. They were steadily going west on their ongoing migration to their northern feeding grounds. After spending some time with these whales a small group of bottlenose dolphins also came in to join us. The dolphins didn't keep up with the whale so we spend some time with the dolphins while the whales kept travelling ahead. It was a great afternoon spent with the whales and dolphins.

Photos from today:

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