Thursday, July 30, 2015

A newborn baby sperm whale

Today we had a familiar group of sperm whales off the south coast of São Miguel Island. In the morning from aboard our other catamaran Quatro ventos we encountered several individuals and ended our sperm whale encounters nicely with an adult we call "Bear paw" that was together with a juvenile. From aboard one of our zodiac boats they had a really lucky up close encounter with some curious sperm whales of this group. Several whales approached their boat very close and the biologist aboard was able to put a camera into the water to get some really amazing up close underwater footage (to see it click HERE). As for dolphins we encountered small groups of bottlenose dolphins, common dolphins and Atlantic spotted dolphins to complete the tour.

In the afternoon it was the catamaran's clients turn to see the baby sperm whale. We were in the sperm whale area and had already seen several whales and were waiting to see if another one would surface. We were suddenly surpised by someting small coming up right in front of our bow. At first the biologists thought it was a bottlenose dolphin coming to bowride because it was so small! It must have been the same baby from the morning because it was the same family group of sperm whales that includes "Bear paw", who we saw in the morning, and also other familiar whales such as "Left tip" and "Orca". In the afternoon we also encountered plenty of dolphins: common dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, Atlantic spotted dolphins and Risso's dolphins.

Photos from the morning:

Two sperm whales side by side

Bottlenose dolphin

Enjoying the ride aboard Quatro ventos

Photos from the afternoon:

Risso's dolphin

A distant sperm whale fluke

A second sperm whale

Common dolphin leaping next to the boat

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