Sunday, July 12, 2015

Breaching fin whale and curious sperm whales

In the morning we had three encountered with three different dolphin species before we got to the whales. We passed common dolphins heading towards bottlenose dolphins that we stayed and played with. Going towards the whales we saw more fins in the water and decided to investigate what species it was and we ended up with striped dolphins. The sperm whales were not in diving mode but eventually we got a nice tail. In the afternoon we started with some whale waiting, we briefly saw a fin whale but it never showed up again so instead we went to the sperm whales, and among them were a group of bottlenose dolphins annoying them. To get some shelter from the dolphins two sperm whale took shelter behind our boat Song of Whales, we got an amazing close encounter and the whales some rest. Then they gave us two wonderful tails. We encountered more bottlenose dolphins while we were waiting for another sperm whale but we started to see a whale jumping. We got closer and what a blessed surprise, it was a fin whale breaching!! No one aboard the boat got any photos, but we got a great memory to keep, together.
And we can't forget the loggerhead turtles during the day!

Photos from the morning:

Bottlenose dolphins

Striped dolphins

Sperm whale preparing to dive

Morning fluke

Watching a bottlenose dolphin

Photos from the afternoon:

Bottlenose dolphin and two sperm whales

Bottlenose dolphins and sperm whales

Bottlenose dolphins surrounding a sperm whale

Sperm whale approaching us

Some protection from the dolphins!

And we get a close encounter

One of the flukes...

... and the other one

Bottlenose dolphin

Fin whale (the one who jumped)

Aboard Song of Whales

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