Friday, July 31, 2015

July 2015 sighting statistics

This past month has been great for whale and dolphin watching off São Miguel Island in the Azores. We are well into the summer season now so during every tour we have always seen a huge diversity of marine life. In total we registered encounters with 9 different whale and dolphin species. Our resident whale species, the sperm whale, was expectedly the most encountered whale species, but we also still had a few fin whales migrating past which is very late in the year for this species. Common dolphins were encountered every day that we went out and we also encountered a lot of bottlenose dolphins, mostly our resident groups with individuals that we know very well. Other species we encountered were Atlantic spotted dolphins, striped dolphins, Risso's dolphins, pilot whales and false killer whales. As for other species we have seen plenty of loggerhead turtles, flying fish, some ocean sunfish and a devil ray. Also, we have seen an unusually high number of leatherback turtles during July. Seabirds were also sighted during all tours and we saw the arrival of the migratory great shearwaters much earlier than usual this year. 

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