Monday, July 13, 2015

Lots of species around

In the morning we started with some soft rain but we got to see lots of sperm whales despite not the best visibility. We got some nice flukes but also some juveniles playing around, one was travelling for a long time along side us sticking its head our of the water every time its surfaced to look at us. Leaving the sperm whales we encountered two species of dolphins, first a small group of Atlantic spotted dolphins and later on common dolphins in search for food. Just heading in to the marina a bottlenose dolphin started jumping high several times, and we made a quick stop to see this jumper and his family.
In the afternoon we resighted the sperm whales and we got plenty of flukes from them. But before them and after them we encountered "Bubblemakers" family, a very resident bottlenose group. And among the sperm whales we had a quick visit by Atlantic spotted dolphins.

Photos from the morning:

A sperm whale in rain

"Song of whales"

Spotted dolphin

Common dolphins

The jumping bottlenose dolphin

Photos from the afternoon:

One fluke

Our two zodiacs

Aboard Cetus

Another fluke

Two bottlenose dolphins

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