Saturday, July 18, 2015

Mum and baby sperm whale and dolphins

Today we had a quiet day at the sea, we went out with one of our zodiacs with adventurous tourist hoping to see dolphins and whales.

We started the trip with a small group of common dolphins and then we decided to head to the East where the lookout saw a big blow from a mysterious animal (according with the lookout, probably a male sperm whale). After two days without whales, finally a big blow!!

Once in the area we were trying to find the animal when we were surprised by the presence of a baby and its mum sperm whale. We were with them for a while and then we saw a blow in the distance from another sperm whale that went for a shallow dive very quickly. We never found the "mysterious animal" but we are aware that we are dealing with wild animals! we are out there for them, but sometimes they are not there for us.

In the afternoon trip we wanted to see the sperm whales again but it was imposible... Anyway we were rewarded with beautiful family groups of bottlenose dolphins and common dolphins.

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