Friday, July 24, 2015

Playful souls

Today we encountered about 50 bottlenose dolphins as a start. For a long time we stayed further away from them to not put pressure on them as there were a lot of boats out on the sea today. Responsible whale watching is very important to us, and all our clients were so patience today and showed the dolphins lots of respect. When we finally got our close-up time with the dolphins it was amazing. They were bowriding and surfing the waves like no one else. Later on a few common dolphins came to visit us and play around a little bit. "Only" dolphins in the morning but we sure had a great time with these playful souls.

In the afternoon we continued with dolphins, first some playful common dolphins. We had three groups but as there were many boats with the first we went to the second. There were only a few individuals and soon further out there were more. We got to see them jump and splash around a little bit and play with the boat. Further out on the ocean one of our biologists found a group of striped dolphins. In the beginning of the encounter we got to see their typical jumping behaviour but then soon calmed down as they had a lot of new born. So fantastic!

Photos from the morning:

Photos from the afternoon:

Common dolphin

Watching common dolphins

Striped dolphin

A baby striped dolphin jumping

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