Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Sperm whale and baby dolphins

Today was a day full of sperm whales and new born common dolphins, and our swimmers had a great time with bottlenose dolphins. In the morning the sperm whales were calm and only gave us one quick fluke but at least a really nice one. The common dolphins were playful and had babies that were only hours or days old. In the afternoon we got more flukes from the sperm whales, and as a good bye for the day a mother and calf dived together. When we arrived to the common dolphins it looked like they had been giving birth during lunch as they had even more new born babies around and playing right in front of us, watched over by us and their watchful mother. Its such a gift to be close to these young ones and getting the trust from their mothers to be there in their company.

Photos from the morning:

Morning fluke

Common dolphin baby

Common dolphin

Aboard Cetus

Photos from the afternoon:

Sperm whale

Sperm whale, female and calf

Common dolphin baby

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