Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Sperm whales, fin whales and our three resident dolphins

Today we were busy again with some great whale watching and swimming with dolphins tours. Our swimmers were with bottlenose dolphins in the morning and common dolphins in the afternoon, while our whale watchers saw several different species of dolphins and whales throughout the day. In the morning we had a group of sperm whales not far out from Ponta Delgada. After a bit of waiting we saw some splashing, thinking it was a sperm whale lobtailing. We went there and discovered it was a small group of Risso's dolphins. It was nice to be able to see these beautiful white dolphins for a bit while we waited for a sperm whale to surface. We didn't have to wait long and in fact two sperm whales surfaced. We got to see them at the surface, first side by side and then a bit apart. Then suddenly one of them fluked very fast. We finished the morning tour with some nice common dolphins. In the afternoon we had two fin whales close to shore, again not far from Ponta Delgada. They were going on frequent dives and only breathing twice per surfacing, but still we got to have some nice encounters and once they surprised us by coming up in front of us when we didn't know they were there. We also encountered common dolphins during the afternoon, so once again we had whales and dolphins for all today. 

Sperm whale photos from the morning:

Photos from the afternoon:

One of the two fin whales

The curious fin whale

Watching one of the fin whales surfacing

Who is watching who?


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