Thursday, July 9, 2015

Sperm whales, fin whales, pilot whales and dolphins

Today we had plenty of whales around for all to see. In the morning there were two different groups of sperm whales off the south coast of São Miguel Island. The first group was a little shy in the beginning, but in the end we were able to watch 7 or 8 individuals up together, including a little baby. We encountered the second group accidentally from our catamaran when we were going further east to try to spot a fin whale that was out there. Our zodiac clients saw the fin whale, while our catamaran clients encountered a sperm whale adult and juvenile pair out to the east. We also had a brief encounter with pilot whales, although they were more interested in going on prolonged dives, probably to feed. Finally, on our way back in we spotted a nice group of bottlenose dolphins that was later joined by some common dolphins. It was really nice to be able to see the difference in size between the two species, as well as add another species to our sightings list to bring it up to 5!

Photos from the morning:

Common dolphins - here we go!

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