Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Spring and summer species in the Azores

We are well into the summer months and summer weather, but we are still enjoying some spring time sightings of baleen whales. Today we encountered a fin whale in the afternoon, one of the baleen whale species that migrates past the Azores during the spring months. As well as this slightly unexpected sighing we also encountered some of our summer time Atlantic spotted dolphins in the afternoon (swimming together with the fin whale), common dolphins during the day, and last but not least some sperm whales in the morning. The sperm whale is our resident whale species and this morning we had to go to the eastern end of the island to see them. After a bit of waiting we encountered two individuals that showed their tails to us. What a fantastic day!

Photos from this morning:

A curious common tern that was following us for a long time

Photos from this afternoon:

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