Monday, July 20, 2015

Whale tails

Today was a day full of sperm whale tails, especially in the afternoon when we saw a whole series of them, one whale after the other. We were lucky that for the second day in the row our catamaran captain found the sperm whales for all of us despite the poor visibility over the island that made this job difficult for our coastal based lookouts. The catamaran team spent the morning with an adult and juvenile pair who were up at the surface for a while before the adult dived and showed her tail. Our zodiac boat clients had a very lucky close up encounter with a very curious sperm whale that came very close to their boat. The boat remained still as the whale lingered around and one of our clients was able to get an amazing underwater video of this whale, check out this amazing footage, in which you can also here the ecolocation clicks made by the whale, by clicking HERE. 

In the afternoon we encountered even more sperm whales, many of them and all of them showing us their wonderful tails. We took many ID photographs and we could determine it is a group we know very well and includes individuals such as "Orca", "Left tip" and "Small u". Before these whale encounters we also had a nice enounter with a small group of bottlenose dolphins close to shore. Our swimming boats stayed with them for the rest of the afternoon and enjoyed some nice swims with these curious dolphins.

Photos from the morning:

The adult turned out to be a familiar whale we call "Bear paw"

Photos from the afternoon:

Swimming with bottlenose dolphins

Our first sperm whale of the afternoon - one we call "Small u"

The very distinctive dorsal fin of a sperm whale we call "Orca"

"Orca's" tail

A sperm whale we call "Left tip"

The last surprise of the day - a small loggerhead turtle

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