Friday, July 3, 2015

Whales doing human watching

Today was definitely a whale of a day off São Miguel Island. We enjoyed the company of fin whales and sperm whales throughout the day. At times it seemed like the whales were watching us as much as we were watching them. Especially in the afternoon when we encountered an adult and juvenile sperm whale. After a while the adult dived, revealing to us that its a whale we call "Bear paw". The young one stayed up and turned to us for company since the adult had dived. This curious little sperm whale came right to the front of our catamaran and spyhopped, sticking its head right out of the water to watch the people on the bow of the boat. What an amazing show!

Photos from the morning:

Two fin whales together

Fin whale belly and flipper

A fin whale surfacing

Part of the tail of the fin whale

Photos from the afternoon:

The adult sperm whale we call "Bear paw"

The juvenile sperm whale passing close by

The juvenile sperm whale spyhopping to look back at our passengers

The sperm whale having a look at the boat

Part of the tail of the

Watching a fin whale

Aboard Cetus

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