Saturday, August 29, 2015

A bit of everything today!

In the morning we went out and first had a quick encounter with a friendly group of Atlantic spotted dolphins, shortly after this we where with a family of sperm whale and we saw 5 family members spread out over the area. On our way back we stopped to enjoy the company of common dolphins and later we were surprised by a young fin whale which was close to the shore line of Ponta Delgada.
The afternoon was good for more surprises, first we saw the same fin whale as in the morning. A little bit later we saw a group of about 10 false killer whales together with common dolphins. We only have very few sightings of false killer whales each year so our customers and crew were very lucky today!

Photos from the morning:

Sperm whale

Common dolphin (show-off!)

Common dolphin

Fin whale

Photos from the afternoon:

Fin whale

Fin whale

Fin whale and our boat Song of Whales

Common dolphins and a false killer whale

False killer whale

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