Friday, August 14, 2015

A summers day with our residents and surprise visitors

Today we had an amazing summer day outon the ocean and we enjoyed it in the company of 5 different cetacean species.We started the day with our 4 resident species: sperm whales, bottlenose dolphins, common dolphins and a couple of Risso's dolphins. The sperm whales were a bit shy and difficult to watch, but we were all happy to be able to have some short encounters with them at a bit further distance to respect this family group that we are not familiar with. The dolphins were playful as usual, even the Risso's dolphins came to check out our catamaran a few times, something that this species doesn't often do. In the afternoon we had 2 surprise visitors: fin whales. We have been seeing fin whales on and since throughout the summer this year, which is not usual. Normally fin whales and other baleen whales migrate past the Azores during the spring months, so we have been very lucky this year to have sporadic visits from fin whales off-season.

Photos from today:

Risso's dolphin

Sperm whale logging at the surface

Sperm whale blow

Fin whale blow

Fin whale

One of the fin whales showing its dorsal fin and tail tip at the same time

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