Saturday, August 8, 2015

A tour of feelings

We got to taste and feel the Atlantic ocean as we had a rollercoaster ride to the whales but it sure was fun and worth it. Its a beautiful feeling to make the dream to see sperm whales come true for someone or to make the vacation perfect. We had several whales out there and it was a bit difficult due to the waves and the behaviour of the whales, always going on short dives. But in the end an adult and juvenile decided to pay us a quick visit and swim under our catamaran. What a blessing from these ocean giants. On the way back we also encountered Bubblemaker's group, and I think everybody who reads this blog regularly knows very well by now that we are talking about bottlenose dolphins

Photos from today:

Bottlenose dolphin leaping

Two familiar bottlenose dolphins - well call the one on the right side "Bubblemaker"

Sperm whale

Two sperm whale approaching, adult is underwater, can you see the white shadow?

Our second catamaran 4 Ventos

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