Tuesday, August 4, 2015

An elusive fin whale and dolphins

Today started with the news from our coastal lookout that he had spotted first a sperm whale and later a fin whale. The sperm whale didn't stick around for us to see it, but the fin whale stayed diving in an area to the east of São Miguel Island. It was a bit of a long journey to get there, but we went the extra mile to try to see this fin whale. As nature sometimes goes, it was not easy to see the fin whale as it was spending very little time at the surface and was unpredictable in it's surfacing locations. Some clients got to see just a few blows, some part of the body and some unfortunately missed the quick surfacings. It's not always easy when it comes to nature. However, the dolphins made the tour nice for us all. In the morning we encountered common dolphins and plenty of leaping Atlantic spotted dolphins. In the afternoon we encountered a very familiar group of bottlenose dolphins. It was a group that we easily recognise from one individual that almost always blows a trail of bubbles before surfacing, so we have fittingly named this dolphin "Bubblemaker". While our watchers enjoyed views from the boats our swimmers had some nice underwater experienes with them.

Photos of the bottlenose dolphins:

The easy to recognise dorsal fin of "Bubblemaker"

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