Monday, August 17, 2015

The art of whale watching

Even though whales are the biggest animals in the world, sometimes they are not that easy to find and they are able to hide from us. This happened to us both in the morning and afternoon and we really had to put our patience to the test to find the whales. The art of successful whale watching involves being patient and understanding that we are visitors in the animals' home and they do what they want when they want. Sometimes it also involves getting a feeling for what they animals may be doing while they are underwater and which way they may be travelling. In the morning our patience paid off for the catamaran clients as we ended up seeing a fin whale, the second largest animal in the world. In the afternoon it was the zodiac clients who were in the sperm whale area earlier and got to see more than the catamaran clients. As well as whales we had bottlenose dolphins throughout the day and also some common dolphins in the morning, so in the end there was plenty for all to see. 

Photos from today: 

A bottlenose dolphin we call "Broken jaw" and who we recently spotted for the first time with this calf

"Broken jaw", encountered in the morning

Fin whale head

Fin whale at the surface

Common dolphin from the morning

Another common dolphin

Bottlenose dolphin from the afternoon

Another bottlenose dolphin from the afternoon tour

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