Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The importance of respect

Today we encountered two groups of common dolphins and one of bottlenose dolphins. The first group of common dolphins were really small, just a few adults playing with our catamaran and zodiac. But as they were so few and more boats arrived we left to find more dolphins out of respect for them. And soon we had a larger group of common dolphins. This group were more playful and had lots of new borns with them. They enjoyed bowriding for a long time and were leaping out of the water to look at us. Once again to many boats so off we went again. But this time to Bubblemaker and his family, they are bottlenose dolphins. And we the time we had with them were awesome and we made eye-contact with them from our boats. In the afternoon we set out on a windy and wavy sea, and rai as well which made it difficult for our lookout to spot animals. But they found us a small and shy group of common dolphins to start with and later on a large group of about 100 Atlantic spotted dolphins. They were everywhere and had lots of new born babies no more then a few days old. It was a day without whales but the dolphins sure made it worth it.

Photos from the morning:

 Bottlenose dolphins

The bottlenose dolphin Bubblemaker

Common dolphins

Common dolphin

Photos from the afternoon:

Atlantic spotted dolphin

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