Saturday, August 1, 2015

The whales made the day

We spent this Saturday with "Orca's" family (sperm whales). In the morning we had an amazing encounter with one family member who swam right up to our catamaran "Quatro ventos". She came so close and turned and we could make eye contact with her. We also encountered a group of playful bottlenose dolphins, and our swimmers also saw common dolphins. In the afternoon, it was a sperm whale tour without dolphins, but oh so fantastic it was as we started with breaching and later we met almost all of "Orca"s family, we saw 7 of them together. Then "Orca" herself decided to give us a great show with lots of lobtailing and tailbreaching. The whales sure stole the show today!!

A video from today of "Orca" lobtailing - to all the client this afternoon: 

Photos from this morning:

One fluke

Our very curious sperm whale
Bottlenose baby!

Baby between adults

Bottlenose dolphnins

Photos from this afternoon: 

Lobtailing sperm whale

Lobtailing sperm whale


Three sperm whales

"Orca" in the front with another sperm whale

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