Saturday, August 15, 2015

Unfamiliar sperm whales

We often write about familiar sperm whales, the ones that we recognise and know well because we see them on a regular basis. This morning we encountered an unfamiliar group of sperm whales that we did not recognise. We still have to compare our ID photos of these whales to our catalogue to be 100% sure that we haven't seen them before, as we now have about 300 sperm whales in our catalogue so we cannot remember them all. Our zodiac boat that arrived to the sperm whale area first encountered several whales at the surface and got to see some nice tails from them. Later the catamaran arrived and stayed with one curious adult sperm whale. There were blows of other whales around, but this whale was so curious that it was worth it to stay and watch just this one. We got to see the sperm whale rolling around, upside down and pocking its head out of the water as it passed nearby. In the end we also got to see a beautiful tail from this whale. We also had common dolphins around during the day and had a particularly memorable encounter with a tight group of about 80 of them in the afternoon. In the morning one of our boats also had a brief encounter with some bottlenose dolphins to make a total of 3 cetacean species for the day. A few people on the catamaran in the morning with a keen eye also spotted a hammerhead shark as we were heading out. Another great summer's day!

Photos from today:

Sperm whale encountered by the zodiac boat

The curious sperm whale encountered by the catamaran

Head of the curious sperm whale

Bottlenose dolphins

Common dolphin

  Swimming with common dolphins in the afternoon

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