Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A sperm whale called Mr Liable

This morning we encountered the famous Mr Liable again. Mr Liable is a big and wonderful male sperm whale that we have been seeing off São Miguel Island for many years. The oldest photo we have of him is from 2006, but some of our skippers have seen him before that. We can recognise Mr Liable, and other whales, from the unique marks he has on his tail. His tail is one of the reasons he got his name. Mr Liable is very reliable in always showing us a beautiful high tail when he goes on a deep dive. He is also reliable in always returning to our waters, every year and most months of the year. As well as this big male sperm whale we also encountered a nice group of bottlenose dolphins today. They really seemed to enjoy playing around our catamaran so we got to see them really well.

Photos from today:

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