Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Dolphins and Vila Franca Islet

Today we had some beautiful encounters with two dolphin species. First, the common dolphin, which is a resident species in the Azores and the most encountered species in these waters, and second the Atlantic spotted dolphin, which is a seasonal species that prefers warmer waters and therefore only visits us for the warmer months of the year. We still have the summer feeling in the air with clear blue waters and plenty of baby dolphins. We really enjoyed their company today, especially when they were bowriding and the babies were leaping out of the water. During both the morning and afternoon tours we also had some time to enjoy views of Vila Franca Islet and in the afternoon we had a rare sighting here of 3 little egrets sitting together on the cliff face of the islet. 

Photos from today:

Common dolphin surfacing

Common dolphin juvenile and adult

Common dolphin juvenile leaping

Common dolphins bowriding

Atlantic spotted dolphins

Atlantic spotted dolphins

Passing by Vila Franca Islet

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