Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Familiar fins

Summer is still in the air and so are some great summer cetacean sightings. In the morning we had a familiar group of sperm whales off São Miguel island. It was the group that we encounter the most in this part of the Azores, the group that includes a sperm whale we call "Orca" because of the pale saddle patch on her back that reminds us of the saddle patch of an orca. We didn't get to see any tails from the several whales of the group that we encountered, but we did get to see them well around our boats and we could recognise who is who from the unique marks on their bodies and dorsal fins. Throughout the day we also enjoyed some really nice dolphin encounters. We had bottlenose dolphins close to shore (just a few hundred metres off the rocks in the morning) and again it was a familiar group in which we recognised several individuals from their unique dorsal fins. In the afternoon we also encountered a lovely calm group of common dolphins that kept coming close to our boat to bowride in the crystal clear waters right beneath us. It was a magical moment to see these dolphins so clearly around us and be able to see some of their babies from this season.

Video of the common dolphins bowriding in the afternoon

Photos from the morning:

Watching the sperm whale we call Orca

Two sperm whales side by side

A bottlenose dolphin watching us

Bottlenose dolphin adult and juvenile pair

Aboard 4 ventos

Photos from the afternoon:

Bottlenose dolphins

Bottlenose dolphins

Common dolphins bowriding

Common dolphins bowriding

Common dolphin

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