Saturday, September 5, 2015

Far west whales

Today we had to travel far west to see a sperm whale family. In the beginning they were avoiding boats and doing shallow dives but in the end of our encounter they accepted us and stayed close to our side, rolling around and we got some parts of the tails. Normally we use the tails to identify the individuals but we got no tails today, but we can also use the dorsal fins and two of the adults had some really good pigmentation spots that we can use (see photos). And one of our boats also got to see common dolphins.

Photos from our catamaran:

All five sperm whales together. Can you see them?
First to the left there is a calf, then one adult, in the middle two juveniles together (we can only see the two dorsal fins) and far right is the final one, but she is underwater (only some white waves from her)

One of the adults with good dorsal marks

The other adult with good marks, and parts of a fluke sticking up from a juvenile rolling around

One young sperm whale having a closer look

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