Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Magic moments with pilot whales, sperm whales and dolphins

Today was another beautiful summers day that is best explained by our nice photos that we got during our tours. During the day we encountered a group of our resident sperm whales. In the morning we managed to see some close up tails of an adult and juvenile diving. In the afternoon we didn't see them as close but we some them nonetheless and we also had a fantastic encounter with a large group of at least 60 pilot whales. They were so calm and curious and great to watch as they came close to our boats and we had great light and bright blue water. As for the smaller dolphins, we also encountered common dolphins today and from one of our swimming boats some bottlenose dolphins in the morning. See for yourself some of these magic moments from our best photos of the day below:

Photos from the morning:

Our first sperm whale of the day

Dive sequence of an adult and juvenile sperm whale going on a dive

Common dolphin surfacing

Common dolphin with a powerful blow

Photos from the afternoon:

Our zodiac boat with pilot whales

Pilot whales

Sperm whales

Common dolphin

Our boat Song of Whales

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