Friday, September 18, 2015

Our most famous sperm whale

Today our most famous sperm whale visited us. We call him Mr Liable and he is the most encountered sperm whale off the south coast of São Miguel Island. The oldest photo we have on record of him is from 2006, but he has been around much longer than that. We call him Mr Liable because he is a very reliable sperm whale. He always returns to our waters and he is great to watch and almost always shows an amazing tail. Today was no exception and from our catamaran we got to see him two times. We also had a nice encounter with some common dolphins so that we could enjoy the best of two different types of encounters. In the afternoon we resighted Mr Liable and thanks to our clients and their photos we could confirm this and they contributed to our research. We encountered dolphins as well, two species; common dolphins and bottlenose dolphins. And to top it all we also encountered a loggerhead turtle.

Photos from today:

Mr. Liable in all his grace

Mr Liable breathing at the surface

Common dolphin bowriding our catamaran Quatro ventos

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