Sunday, September 27, 2015

Rainbow blows from sperm whales

Today in the morning we started by passing through an area of Atlantic spotted dolphins but from our catamaran we didn't see them so we went straight for the sperm whales. We encountered at least 8 family members and we got great ID shots of their dorsal fins for our photo identification research as many of them had good marks for us to use. But the best part was to see six of them together blowing rainbows! On our way back we also encountered bottlenose dolphins.

The afternoon was just as great as the morning as we encountered common dolphins, followed by Atlantic spotted dolphins and finally the sperm whales again. They were still together as a group, in fact this time we got to see even more of them together in a tight group at the surface. At one time we counted 9 whales together before we lost count. It must have been a group of 12 to 15 whales. Again we got plenty of dorsal fin photos for our research and we could really see that each individual was uniquely marked. We wonder who this family of sperm whales was...

Video of at least 10 sperm whale together

Photos from the morning:

Three sperm whales together

Photos from the afternoon:

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