Monday, September 21, 2015

Searching for the big ones

Today in the morning we had to travel really far to encounter sperm whales. In the beginning they were a bit shy towards the boats but eventually we could stay alone with the whales and they calmed down and we got a great encounter. On our way back we also saw common dolphins. In the afternoon the whales had moved too far for us to go there so we started with two groups of common dolphins with lots of babies playing around. When we tried to leave them they started to follow us. Then we went searching off shore for something different and bigger and we tried an area where sperm whales likes to feed. Our lookout had spotted bottlenose dolphins in the area and we managed to find them even though our lookout lost them in the waves. It was a large group of at least 60 dolphins jumping around. But we wanted to find something big so we continued to search offshore and on our way back also inshore as you never know, we have seen whales as close as 300 m from the shore. But we had to go back happy with dolphin encounters in our memory.

Photos from today: 

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