Monday, October 12, 2015

A newborn baby dolphin

This year's most encountered group of bottlenose dolphins has welcomed a new member into their group - a brand new baby dolphin (pictured to the left and below). Today was the first time we met this little one who was not in the group last time we encountered them. The group is one that we call "Bubblemaker's group" because we noticed one group member always blowing bubbles before surfacing and later others started to follow this trend. Bubblemaker's group is made up of about 30 individuals, well make that an extra one now. Through our photo-ID research we are able to follow such groups and individuals, so over the next months we will be keeping an eye on the new addition to see how he or she grows. As well as these bottlenose dolphins, this morning we also encountered a nice group of common dolphins. The common dolphin has a beautiful yellow colour on its side and they are usually full of energy and keen to bowride. We had a great morning with these two resident species of dolphins. 

Photos from today:

Bottlenose dolphins - Bubblemaker's group

The newborn baby surfacing alongside two adults

Common dolphins

 Watching common dolphins bowriding

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