Monday, October 19, 2015

A whale day

After some time on land it was great to return to the ocean today and have a "whale day". Out in the deep water south of São Miguel island we encountered a group of sperm whales, the resident whale species in the Azores. There were several whales around, in total we encountered 5 from our catamaran and spotted another blow as we were leaving the last 2. At one time we had 3 whales at the surface together. Later from the catamaran we encountered a fantastic group of about 80-100 Atlantic spotted dolphins, while from our small boat they saw common dolphins and Risso's dolphins

Photos from this morning:

3 sperm whales at the surface together

Our small boat with the sperm whales

Preparing to dive

The tail

Atlantic spotted dolphins wave surfing together

Atlantic spotted dolphin - a juvenile following an adult

A curious common tern

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