Sunday, October 11, 2015

Mr Liable and a fin whale

Today in the beginning it took a bit of patience and searching for our first whale, but it was well worth it because we found our most famous sperm whale "Mr Liable". In the morning and afternoon we encountered this big male sperm whale who is the most encountered whale off São Miguel Island. Our coastal lookout had also spotted the blow of baleen whales near the area of this sperm whale. In the afternoon we encountered two of these baleen whales, which turned out to be fin whales. It was a pair, an adult and juvenile, so perhaps a mother with its young. We also had a nice encounter with a group of common dolphins in the afternoon.

Photos from the morning:

Mr Liable, the sperm whale

Photos from the afternoon:

Mr Liable again, with the beautiful coastline of Mosteiros in the background

Mr Liable diving

The adult fin whale surfacing

The juvenile fin whale surfacing

Common dolphins

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