Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Whales of the east

Today we traveled far to find a fin whale, an adult of about 20 m, but when we arrived it had been missing for a while, as it went on a longer dive. Luckily one of our boats spotted it again and we could all enjoy being in the presence of such a large animal. Not to put to much pressure on this individual we soon left to search for sperm whales and one of our biologists soon spotted a small blow. It turned out to be one of our friends, the sperm whale named "Orca". She started right away approaching us, rolling around and swimming very close. We really had an amazing time with her. And when we left she started spyhopping behind us and it felt like she was saying "are you already leaving? I wanna play more!" 

Photos from today:

The first whale of the day - a fin whale that was a bit difficult to photograph

The friendly sperm whale we call "Orca" because of the saddle patch on her back

The sperm whale Orca rolling around with her tail in the air

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