Saturday, December 5, 2015

The memory of a young sperm whale

Today we set out on a wavy ocean, 11 brave clients on a small boat full of hope for something big. We did see something big, even if it was "just" a juvenile. We saw a sperm whale (cachalot or pottwal), it was travelling fast but all of a sudden it stopped, rolled around and started resting or logging on the surface. It gave us a small and low fluke, which I got a photo of but it is a bit blurry. But as a promise to my guests on board, it will be uploaded anyway as a memory. Before this whale we had an amazing time with common dolphins feeding on garfish and mackerel and jumping all around us. Almost difficult to leave them, but a whale is a whale. On our way back we stopped at Rocha de Relva to enjoy this beautiful place and rock formations. 

Photos from today:


Common dolphin

Watching common dolphins

Common dolphins

Common dolphin

Sperm whale

Sperm whale

The blurry fluke (I hope you enjoy the photo anyway)

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