Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A sunny dolphin day

Today it's a beautiful sunny day in São Miguel Island in the Azores. We spent the morning of this great day out on the water enjoying the sunshine, the views and of course the cetaceans. Just like on our first tour of the year (on January 1st) we continued the rest of this first week of 2016 with more dolphin encounters.  First we encountered small groups of common dolphins spread over a large area near Ponta Delgada. After spending some time with these dolphins we continued further to the west where we encountered a nice group of bottlenose dolphins. It didn't take us long to realise that they were the familiar group of "Bubblemaker". Bubblemaker is a dolphin that we know well and is often seen blowing a trail of bubbles before surfacing. These bottlenose dolphins were more curious than the common dolphins, so we stayed with them a while so we got to see them really well. During the rest of the morning some loggerhead turtles were also spotted by those aboard with a keen eye on the water, and we also enjoyed the coastal views of the island on our way back in to the marina.

Photos of the bottlenose dolphins from today:

The view from aboard our catamaran

Our zodiac with the one we call Bubblemaker

A very curious individual

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