Monday, January 11, 2016

An ocean full of whales

This morning we went out on our catamaran for our third tour of the year. We set out with good news from our lookout on land who had spotted whales to the east. He informed us that there were many sperm whales spread out across a large area, but even with this information we were surprised at the large number of whales out there. Everywhere we looked we saw blows and we moved around the different areas seeing many different individuals. We even saw at least 2 small calves, something that is not common to see here in the winter time. We ended our sperm whale encounter with a small adult sperm whale that we managed to see well, including its tail as it started a deep dive. After the whales we still had time to spend with a group of common dolphins that were curious as ever and spent some time bowriding with us before leaving us again.

Photos from today:

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