Thursday, January 28, 2016

Beautiful sunny day

Another fantastic trip! Sun, calm ocean ... everything was perfect! We sailed a bit until we reached our first species…surprise...striped Dolphins! As always these dolphins were swimming really fast, stealing smiles from our clients! After a few moments our lookout contacted our skipper reporting that he had seen a group of sperm Whales near the area and, of course, we didn’t lose the opportunity. We saw at least four sperm whales, two of which showed their majestic tails! After comparing our fluke photos to our catalogue we could determine that the whale was one that we haven't photographed here before, so it will be a new addition to our sperm whale photo-ID catalogue. On our return we had the usual visit of our friends, the common Dolphins. A beautiful day after so many days of wind and rain.

 Physeter macrocephalus | Sperm whale

 Physeter macrocephalus | Sperm whale - new individual for our catalogue

                                                     Stenella coeruleoalba | Striped dolphin

                                                          Stercorarius skua | Great Skua

Some of our clients and our captain enjoying the animals :)

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