Friday, January 29, 2016

Flippers everywhere but shy whales

After so many days of rain and windy days winter is finally giving us a break, allowing us to go out on our whale watching trips. Yesterday we had a wonderful sunny day and today we had a perfect winter day with high clouds giving us a very nice view of the island from the sea. The sea was very smooth reflecting all the clouds of the sky. At first we saw a very small group of common dolphins, our loyal friends. After the common we went to the bottlenose dolphins, finding a giant group of ‘Flippers’; they were so many, that when we left the area looking for a baleen whale that the lookout spotted we ended surrounded by them. They were everywhere, showing all kind of behaviours and sizes. Unfortunately we didn’t see the baleen whale, that most likely was a humpback whale. Some of our crew and clients saw the blow far away but we didn’t ‘catch’ it. It was one of the tricky whales that breaths very few times and spending very little time in surface. What can we say? Whales and dolphins are exactly like people; sometimes they are in the mood, other time, is not that easy. Like a small bonus while waiting and searching for the whale, we encountered a very tiny loggerhead turtle.

Photos from today of bottlenose dolphins: 

Two dolphins in sync

Perfect photo for an ID

In the boat...


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