Sunday, January 17, 2016

Mr. Liable is back!

We set out on a calm and beautiful sea, teasing us with summer feelings with delightful sunshine. We started with a small group of playful common dolphins, bowriding and we could clearly hear them sing. But after this encounter we had to drop some clients back in the marina, but soon we were off again out on the sea and our lookout guided to a sperm whale. It was Mr. Liable, but he dived before we arrived, but many of our clients got to see his wonderful tail a bit further away. Instead of waiting on the spot for him to surface again, we set off to see bottlenose dolphins and our friend Egípcio. The bottlenose dolphins were travelling right to the area of Mr. Liable, so when it was time for him to come up we were already there. And we got a perfect tail. A special thank you to all our wonderful and understanding clients today, and thank to the ocean for giving us this amazing tour with Mr. Liable as the highlight. 

Photos from today:

Common dolphin in perfect water

Common dolphins

Watching common dolphins

Bottlenose dolphins bowriding


Mr. Liable

Mr. Liable

Mr. Liable

Mr. Liable characteristic tail


vanessa yuste said...

Beautiful pictures!!thank you very much for your hard work. We had a beautiful morning!!!keep loving and enjoying your job because all those animals deserve it!!ThankYou!!!

Anonymous said...

After reading your blog I would say that a great effort done by you!!! The blue whale is the largest living animal in existence. In fact a blue whale can measure as long as two 18 wheeler trucks! If you’ve ever looked straight up at a 10 story building you’ll have a good idea of how long a blue whale can be. When fully grown this massive marine mammal can reach lengths in excess of 100 ft. and weight more than 150 tons! Even their children are big and can easily measure in at over 23 ft long at birth which is comparable in size to an adult killer whale and roughly 1/3 the length of the mother’s entire body.

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