Sunday, February 7, 2016

A mix of sensations

This morning we had a mix of sensations. The sea was extremely calm and comfortable to navigate but some low clouds started to form near the island. Unfortunately this was a setback for us, because it interferes with the visibility for our Lookouts (specific people on land, who military binoculars to sweep all over the Ocean looking for animals). Luckily we found a group of around 15 common dolphins (Delphinus delphis) that were very friendly and curious about the boat, creating lots of smiles among our customers. After spending some time with these cetaceans, we went far away from the island in order to increase our chances to spot different species. Despite of our best efforts we could only find another group of common dolphins. Although they have an ordinary name, these animals are extremely beautiful by having colours of white, yellow and grey. Besides of the lack of biodiversity, the ride was great, with calm sea, sun calmly warming up the faces and also rainbows could be seen near the shore.

A rainbow over Ponta Delgada as we depart

Enjoying the view from the front of the boat

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