Tuesday, February 2, 2016

A sunny dolphin day

As well as whale watching today we also went out to do one of our favourite activities, swimming with dolphins. We had a surpisingly amazing morning swimming with the dolphins. The species we swam wth today was the common dolphin. When swimming, common dolphins arefantastics as they go all together,very close to each other as a group, and they swim very fast! Even though it wasn't a very large group today they were in a very good mood, allowing the clients to have a very nice view of them and to swim with them. The sea was smooth and calm, with very nice visibility, and the sun was very high in the sky, warming us all. It was the perfect combination for a nice swimming activity :)

The rest of us who were not on the swimming boat spent some time with the first group of common dolphins before the swimmers arrived. From the boat we observed plenty of interesting behaviour from the social group. Next we continued further to another group of common dolphins that was feeding. A few times we actually saw the fish they were feeding on, small mackerel leaping out of the water as they were being chased by the dolphins. After we searched far and wide for something bigger, but today was not the day for whales. Instead during the second part of the tour we enjoyed a nice energy-filled encounter with a group of striped dolphins. To finish of we had a bonus encounter with a tiny baby loggerhead turtle.

Some of our 'swimmers':

Today's dolphins:

Common dolphins

Striped dolphins

Baby loggerhead turtle

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