Monday, February 22, 2016

Amazing morning with a humpback whale!

We were very lucky to see a Humpback whale this morning during our tour. We went out in one of our rubber boats and we travelled about 10 miles away to try to see it. When we arrived we waited some minutes before it showed up. Humpback whales are not seen very often in the Azores and they do not have a very specific pattern of migration, so every encounter with them is precious. The humpback whale was  very receptive so could see a lot of it, tail included. It seems to be a new individual that was not yet in our catalogue, making it our first encounter with this individual, but not the last (we hope). After the whale we spent some time with our friends the common dolphins and that were hanging around some fishing boats.
Let’s see what is waiting for us tomorrow in the sea!

Some photos from today: 

Tail of the whale

Body of the whale.
We can see very clearly the characteristic white pectrao fin of the humpback whale

The boats were fishing blue jack mackerel, they take them in a very traditional way

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